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The team at Lloyd Penn Motorcycles are a highly trained, passionate crew who will give your motorcycle the top quality service it deserves. You can feel confident that your bike will be treated with the highest of care and respect.

Lloyd Penn
Lloyd Penn
Lloyd started his appenticeship in 1982, in a Suzuki dealership. He then spent eight years working on all brands and makes of motorcycles, in a variety of workshops and dealerships.

Lloyd opened Lloyd Penn Motorcycles in 1990, again working on all motorbikes, jetskiis, hovercrafts and ultralight engines. After 10 years, Lloyd decided to base the workshop on Japanese brands only. For the last 10 years, the Lloyd Penn Motorcycles' workshop has been specalising in all service and mechanical needs for Japanese brands.

Personally, Lloyd has been riding motorbikes from the age of eight, has dabbelled in road racing and still rides on a daily basis.
As a family of motorcyclists, all four kids ride and enjoy motorcycling for the pleasure of the sport.




Mohamed SouaidMohamed Souaid
Moe also completed his apprenticeship in 2011 at Ultimo Tafe, NSW.

He has been interested in and has a passion for the mechanical side of things for a long time - and it runs in his family, with his dad an Automotive Mechanic.

Moe enjoys performance modifications and tuning and looks forward to keeping his P's long enough to get his full licence!







James LorimerJames Lorimer
James completed his four year apprenticeship in 2009 here at Lloyd Penn Motorcycles.

With a passion for motorcross bikes, James started riding at the age of 10 and still rides and races most weekends.

James knew where he was heading at a young age after receiving a very high distinction in Industrial Technology Automotive whilst still at high school.

James is currelty racing in the Amcross (motorcross) series, and spends most of his spare time racing bikes.

James has become a very passionate and indepth mechanic - with the only complaint James has is the lack of motorcross bikes in the workshop!




Nick CoxNick Cox
Nick completed his apprenticeship in 2011 as the Apprentice of the Year NSW.

He has been with the team at Lloyd Penn Motorcycles since 2011 but has been in the motorcycle industry since 2003 with experience owning and working on a wide range of bikes and brands.

He has been riding road and off road motorcycles since 2000, including a six month tour of Europe on a CBR600.



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